Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome to my first Blog post!  I thought I would start by sharing some of my home decor projects from around our house.  I am still trying to figure out how to format and post on here so forgive me if my posts are all "skewed" format wise until I get the hang of it!  I am really excited that I created my blog header on my own today using Adobe Illustrator.....just got the Adobe suite and I know nothing so I'm "wingin it" - that's usually "how I roll" and do best with learning!!!!   Thanks for following me and check back often for new pics of my projects!  If you'd like to know how I made any of the items below just email me and I'll be happy to share :o)  Cammie


  1. Cute projects Cammie! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Your trunk project sounds wonderful -- I would love to see pics when you are done. I have never tried rastercising -- but would love that link you mentioned if you have time to send it to me!


  2. Hey Cammie! Thanks so much for your sweet comment tonight! And I see you haven't posted since May?? Girl, come out of your shell it's fun! I'd love to see more of your projects. I tried to follow but that link doesn't work for the google friend connect. So cool you are from Texas too! Keep in touch! xo